Full Scuba Equipment Rental:


Gear Includes: Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Booties, Regulator,

BCD, Tank, Wetsuit, Weights, LED Light 

Individual Equipment:

Wet Suit= $15.00
Regulator= $15.00
BCD= $15.00
Tank= $12.00
Weights= $6.00
Mask and Snorkel= $8.00
Just Mask= $4.00
Just Snorkel= $4.00

Fins and Booties= $8.00
Just Fins= $4.00
Just Booties= $4.00

L.E.D. Light= $12.00

Night Dives:

We offer night dives through appointment only.  

Call (352) 528-3344 to set up your reservation today.

November 7 - March 13
$10.00 per diver but must meet $100.00 minimum.

March 14 - November 6
$15.00 per diver but must meet a $150.00 minimum.

Travel back in time and scuba dive Florida's premier pre-historic spring

Devil's Den Spring is a privately owned scuba diving training center.  We offer scuba diving 7 days a week with a proper certification level of Open Water or above. Dive "buddies" are required for admission.  The prices listed below for admission and rental gear are offered 7 days a week. 

​Please Note: We do not take reservations for Scuba Diving Admission. Certified scuba divers will never have a wait for entry. 



Unfortunately, we do not have nitrox capability.

Just a Few Reminders for your safety:

Open Water Certification or Above is required.

Must have a dive buddy, NO EXCEPTIONS

No doubles, reels, re-breathers, knives, or side mounts

Absolutely no cave entry

Please do not remove rocks and/or fossils 

Must be in the water by 4:00 pm to start last dive

Devil's Den Spring