Florida's Pre-historic Underground Spring


Please Read Thoroughly Before Coming to Devil's Den!

Everyone must sign a liability form upon arrival to Devil's Den. 
Please Note: You MUST be at least 18 years of age or with a legal guardian to sign the release form.  ABSOLUTELY no exceptions.

Due to our insurance liability, we CANNOT allow
NON-Scuba diving and/or NON-snorkeling guest to walk down into the spring.

The ONLY ACCESS into the spring is for Scuba Diving and/or Snorkeling.

**Rules Inside Devils Den Spring**

Please, No Sitting, Standing, Walking on, or Touching 
any rocks formations while in the cave.

If contact occurs with the limestone edge/rocks it will cause
the spring water to become very milky/cloudy, thus creating low visibility.

    No General Swimming.    

Scuba Diving Rules
- Open water certification or above is REQUIRED for scuba diving.

- Must show certification card with photo I.D.
- Cave/Cavern Certification is not required.
- Must have a dive buddy, NO EXCEPTIONS

-No Doubles, reels, re-breathers, knives, side mounts, or cave entry
-Please do not remove rocks and/or fossils 
- Must be in the water by 4:30 pm to start last dive

Snorkeling Rules
- No certification needed to snorkel
Mask, Fins and Snorkel are required
- No Free Diving or Breath Hold Diving at anytime
-Maximum depth of 8 feet
-No free diving fins
(we will loan you snorkeling fins at no charge 
if you have free diving fins)
- No flotation devices of any kind
- Must be in the water by 4:30 pm to start last snorkeling session

General Rules of Devil's Den
-We DO NOT issue refunds of any kind
- No Lifeguard on Duty
- No animals of any kind, please
- No Glass Bottles
- No Alcohol or Drugs of any kind are permitted on property
- Swimming Pool closes at 5pm Nightly
- No golf carts, utv's, 4 wheelers
- Must be at least 6 years old to enter the Den


*Must be at least 18 years of age or have legal guardian present onsite to sign liability release*