Florida's Pre-historic Underground Spring


Attention: Please Read Thoroughly Before Coming to Devils Den! 

Due to safety concerns we can not allow unaccompanied guest to walk down into the spring unless they are scuba diving or snorkeling.

The ONLY ACCESS to the spring is for guest that are Scuba Diving or Snorkeling.

Call 352-528-3344 for any questions.
**Warning: Inside Devils Den Spring**
We do not allow you to Sit, Stand, Walk, or Touch  
  Any Rocks or Formations when you are
snorkeling or scuba diving on the outer edges . Please: Listen to snorkel briefing  &  scuba diving briefing  carefully !!! 

The limestone rocks after being disturbed will leak down into the spring water making the visibility  very milky/cloudy.       

We will  not issuing warnings!! -- You will be asked to leave
immediately with no refund!!
Please Report all customers not following the Rules!

Thank you to all of our customers who do follow the rules

Parents Please Read
  No Children under 6 inside the Spring
No life vests or Floats of any kind !! Children must wear mask, fins, and snorkel-No exceptions
( we know kids under 6 are great swimmers but they do not keep their mask, fins, and snorkel on and then they  either stand or sit on the stairs and platform blocking the scuba divers and other guests  from entering and exiting the water safely) Please do not say you have been allowed to in the past because the rules are being changed to protect the Spring and other guests

Pets/Animals(dogs-cats-puppies-kittens etc..) 
No animals Allowed!!!
We have our own pets/animals on the resort property and do not want a confrontation
with outside animals

The water Temperature is 72 degrees year round.

Open water certification is REQUIRED for scuba diving.
Must show certification card with photo I.D.
Cave/Cavern Certification is not required.
Must have a dive buddy, NO EXCEPTIONS.

No Alcohol or Drugs of any kind will be permitted before or during
participation of scuba diving or snorkeling
            No Doubles, reels, re-breathers, knives, side mounts, or cave entry -- NOT ALLOWED!                   

***No Solo Divers***

Scooters or motorized vehicles inside Devils Den

No Life Jackets, Floats, Swim Noodles etc... can be used inside the Den

Do not touch or remove any Fossils.

No Graffiti PLEASE!

Only Scuba Diving and Snorkeling are allowed in the spring.
***No Free Diving or Breath Hold Diving at anytime**

Mask, Snorkel and Fins required to Snorkel.

*No Free Diving Fins*
(we will loan you snorkel fins for Free if you have free diving fins )

No Swimming in the Spring.

No Lifeguard on Duty!
Swimming available in the pool.
Pool closes at 5 pm

Instructors-Heated Pool is available for Small Fee

No animals of any kind please!

No glass bottles!

Motor vehicle license and insurance is REQUIRED to operate any motorized vehicle on Devils Den Property. ( No golf carts, utv's, 4 wheelers)

Must be in the water before 4:30 pm to start last dive or to snorkel

Must be over 18 or with parent present onsite to enter
and to sign liability release